2011 Tax Resources 

Each year consumers are faced with multiple options for tax preparation services and it can be challenging for CPAs to remain top-of-mind during tax season.

The new paid tax return preparer registration program adds to this challenge and creates an opportunity for CPAs to differentiate themselves as the most qualified tax experts.

In addition to the annual tax materials usually provided, the AICPA's Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) is offering numerous resources designed to help you market your services, educate clients and prospects, and position CPAs as the premier providers of tax services year-round.

Tax Saving Strategies for the 2011 Filing Season includes a client brochure, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and speech for your individual client and their families

 Small Business Tax Saving Strategies for the 2011 Filing Season includes a client brochure, speech and Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for your small business clients 

The AICPA has also launched 360 Degrees of Taxes, a free website that educates consumers about the value of CPAs and guides them with resources, tips and checklists to help in their year-round tax planning.
To volunteer as a CPA expert for 360 Degrees of Taxes click here.


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