Marketing 101 - Presenting Seminars and Speeches 

In addition to advertising, mailings and other similar promotions, client seminars and presenting speeches to various groups are effective ways to market your services. The key is to make sure that your topic is relevant to the audience and the services you can provide. Try to obtain speaking engagements before groups that best represent your target audience. When making any kind of presentation, be as dynamic as possible and make yourself available after the presentation to answer questions individually. Leaving immediately after making a speech will lead to missed opportunities for making new client contacts.

Be sure you also have some handouts for attendees to take with them. These can include a summary or outline of your remarks, information about your firm and your biography and brochures with your firm name imprinted on the back. The point is that even after you've finished speaking, you want to continue to communicate your strengths and qualifications and provide your audience with a means and reason to contact you after your speech.

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