Tax Practitioner's Toolkit for Sole Proprietors and Small Firms 

    Communicate Your Value 

    You’ve worked hard to build your tax practice and establish trusting relationships. Every client and referral matters. But in this competitive, challenging environment, you can’t take anything for granted.

    These materials have been developed to help you promote your tax practice and tell your story – the unique qualifications that distinguish you from all other tax preparers. Customize these resources with your logo,  name and contact information. Be sure to read Making Your Voice Heard, Tax Season and Beyond, a how-to guide to help you get started using these tools.

    Toolkit Resources

    Preparing Your Practice to Understand and Articulate the Value of Your Tax Services

    What makes you different from other tax preparers? What’s unique in the way you service clients? Be ready to infuse your value message in every conversation, e-mail and letter with each client.  Equally important, you want to stay on top of client feedback about your practice and learn what your peers are doing. The following materials will help you do just that.

    Engaging with Clients to Stay Top of Mind

    Use these customizable materials to remind clients and referral sources to come to you for expert, year-round tax services.

    Promoting Your Practice to Attract New Clients

    Attracting new clients takes time. Here are some cost effective tools to help you get your message out – consistently, over time – that can be tailored for your specific audiences and areas of expertise.  Personalize them with your firm logo, name and contact information.

    • Tips for Cross-Selling Services: Build an even deeper relationship  with your clients by linking your services to their goals and needs.
    • Tax Law Snapshot Pamphlet:  Give  referral leads this sharp looking overview of individual and small business tax issues that may affect their next return.
    • Print Advertisements: You have many options for placing ads that are affordable – from your local magazines and newspapers to school sports programs and alumni magazines. You’ll find a selection of ads focused on the individual tax filer and small business owner.
    • Preparing for Life's Most Important Moments - Brochure: A great follow-up to a meeting with a prospective client - this brochure gives a detailed overview of the advantages of working with a CPA.
    • Preparing for Life's Most Important Moments Presentation: Customize this presentation for your local market and share with prospective clients to help them better understand the value of your firm and tax services. (Note: This presentation has been designed and the images licensed for this presentation only. The copy may be modified; however, the images may not be used in other materials.)
    • Tweets: (Holiday-Themed, Technical, and General) – As they say, join the conversation! You’ll find a wide assortment of tweets to use throughout the year that connect with your audience and position you as an expert.  Good for use on Facebook and LinkedIn also.
    • Google AdWords: This is pay-per-click advertising on Google’s flagship search engine and a great place to be as consumers are searching for for the services you offer. We’ve provided a selection of sample ads for your use. To learn more, read Making Your Voice Heard, Tax Season and Beyond.
    • Media Interviews - Why Me? Because you can be a trusted tax resource for local reporters! These FAQs will help you get started on how to talk to media.
    • Sample Media Advisory Template: Sharing your knowledge with the community has never been easier.  Modify this template with tax topics that can be easily tailored to your area(s) of expertise and send to local or regional media.

    The Tax Practitioner's Toolkit is the collaborative effort of PCPS, the Tax Division and AICPA Communications who are working together on behalf of our members to develop tools, resources and promotional materials that position CPAs as the premier providers of tax services.

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