Becoming a Media Resource - Getting to the Right Person, Timing and Follow Up

September 19, 2006

When developing and distributing the press release, make sure it's directed to the right person. For example, with small daily or weekly newspapers, you probably should send it to the editor. If you're pitching a national news television program, it most likely should be directed to the assignment editor. It helps to call first before sending a press release to check whom it should be directed to. Sending a release to the wrong person, or to no particular person's attention, will just about guarantee that it will end up in the wastebasket.

Timing also is an important factor in preparing an effective news release. Editors don't like to receive a release about events that have already happened. It's also important to know their deadlines so be sure to check what those are with them.

Keep in mind that by the time you see the story, you may not always recognize your part in it. The reporter may have emphasized a point that you considered minor, especially if it is controversial. This is the media's prerogative and the reporter and/or editor's judgment will prevail.

However, if the story contains a serious error, call the journalist immediately and point it out.

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