Becoming a Media Resource - The Press Release

September 19, 2006

The cornerstone of all media relations is the press release. It is the easiest, cheapest and most common tool used to generate publicity, and spread your message to targeted audiences.

Used properly, the press release can establish you as a reliable, credible media resource. The release must have news value and should feature these six elements:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

The Press Release Format

Using the correct press release format allows you to present the information in a clear, logical manner and makes your message easy to read. All news releases should be double-spaced and include your name, address, telephone number and email. They also should be dated and have an explanatory headline.

Following is an example of the standard press release format:

News Release


For Immediate Release


John Jones

(000) 123-1234



(City in which the firm is located) -- The content of your press release.

View actual sample press releases.