Becoming a Media Resource - The Interview

The Interview [You can delete this Subtitle. It's not needed and is inconsistent with the other pages.]

September 19, 2006

Once you've established some initial contacts, get ready to be interviewed. While the thought of facing the media can be intimidating, there are a couple of tips you can use to survive the process.

  • Prepare. If you're going to be interviewed, prepare yourself by writing out your answers to the questions that you think you'll be asked. This helps to organize your thoughts and assemble your best arguments. It also gives you an opportunity to review any facts or figures you'll be using. Try to anticipate the toughest questions you might be asked. You'll feel more relaxed knowing you're prepared for and can deal with difficult questions.
  • Mention your company's name several times during the interview. After all, name recognition is the main reason you are seeking media attention. So, for example, instead of saying "We expect", say "The Davis CPA firm expects".
  • Be calm and businesslike. Use light, emphatic gestures, don't fidget, and speak directly to the reporter. If there is a misstatement, refute it calmly and quickly.