Becoming a Media Resource - The First Steps

September 19, 2006

Getting the media to respect you is the first step in becoming a media resource. To do this, you must be proactive.

  • Look at your area newspapers to identify reporters who cover financial, tax, accounting and general business issues.
  • Keep track of various local reporters, the types of stories they cover and how you can provide additional information.
  • Drop the reporter a note or call on the phone to share some additional information, even after a story is published. This is a good way to begin showing your expertise.

The next step is to prepare a list of topics you would be comfortable discussing with the media. These should be timely, newsworthy topics. Then send a letter to your list of reporters with your topics and an explanation of why you're qualified to discuss them. Don't be afraid to also suggest some article ideas to them. The media is always looking for an interesting story or a particular slant.