Online Marketing Guidance - Permission Marketing

September 19, 2006

Email is particularly well suited to permission marketing. Permission marketing is the practice of asking a prospect or client for permission to communicate with them on an ongoing basis. By obtaining a recipient's permission to communicate, your firm can be sure that the recipient is actually interested in receiving your communication. The firm efforts become far more effective because less time and effort are wasted on prospects who are not interested. In fact, the firm's response rates rise because recipients are predisposed to paying attention to the firm's messages.

For example, a Web site can offer visitors the chance to sign up for a monthly email newsletter. A simple and effective way of creating a regular email campaign for clients and prospects is to utilize an email newsletter template. Some state CPA societies may have email newsletter templates available for their members to use with clients.

A monthly email newsletter may provide summaries of and links to useful financial and tax information and is typically designed so firms can easily customize it with their name and contact information, creating the impression of a proprietary newsletter. This type of marketing tool is a great way to keep in contact with your clients and increase your communications with potential clients.