Online Marketing Guidance - Benefits of Using Email

September 19, 2006

Email can be an effective, powerful and highly affordable marketing tool. The benefits include:

  • No cost for postage.
  • The elimination of printing and paper costs.
  • A significant reduction in the time needed to create and launch a campaign.
  • A process for communicating frequently.
  • A method for reaching the intended recipient, rather than an assistant who serves as a gatekeeper.
  • A system for getting messages to recipients the same day they are sent.
  • A method that allows recipients to respond quickly and easily.
  • A mechanism for encouraging recipients to visit the firm's Web site by clicking on a link included in the email message.

The ease and simplicity of creating and sending email messages allows CPA firms to engage in direct marketing and formalized client communications more frequently than with traditional marketing methods. Whenever a firm has new and important information for its clients, regarding tax law changes, the firm's services or on some other topic, email offers an opportunity to communicate that information in an efficient, professional manner. For example, a firm might alert its clients to relevant changes in the tax code as in the sample below.


Sample Email
Dear Client,
Recent changes in the IRS rules governing the deductibility of home office expenses may require you make some changes during this year. We would like to inform you of these changes personally and plan to call in the next few weeks to discuss them in detail. Please feel free to call our office at 555-555-5555 if you have any questions in the meantime.

Thank you.