Online Marketing Guidance - Pitfalls to Avoid

September 19, 2006

Online marketing offers a CPA firm a range of opportunities to provide clients and potential clients with a depth of information that's impossible to obtain through traditional advertising, direct mail programs or firm brochures. Providing information alone, however, is not enough. The information needs to be specific and targeted to the needs of existing and potential clients.

Additionally, many marketers take a scattershot, non-strategic approach to online marketing. They charge right into a project without thinking through what they want to accomplish or how the project will fit into the rest of their marketing plan.

Often, firms may launch their Web sites and forget about them. Just as a firm must be promoted, so too, must a Web site. Without proper promotion, a Website will attract few visitors. This approach is akin to opening a retail store on a second floor with neither a sign nor any advertising to make potential customers aware of its existence.