Online Marketing Guidance - Benefits of Online Marketing

September 19, 2006

In general, online marketing efforts cost a great deal less than their traditional, offline counterparts. For example, consider the case of replacing a direct mail campaign with an email campaign. The firm will still incur the costs of copywriting and perhaps designing the piece, but will eliminate completely the costs of mailing and printing.

Online marketing - email and Web sites - provides clients with a quick and easy mechanism for responding to a marketing message. While traditional print advertisements or direct mail campaigns require clients or potential clients to pick up the phone or mail back a response card, online marketing makes responding as simple and fast as making a few keystrokes. Online marketing allows for easy, unobtrusive, two-way communication between a firm and its clients or potential clients. The speed and simplicity of email communication allows firms and clients to maintain ongoing dialogues, as well as issue-based discussions around their workday schedules.

Another benefit for firms is that online marketing dramatically increases the ease with which clients and potential clients can share information. There's nothing simpler that forwarding an email from one's CPA to a friend or colleague. In this way and many others, online marketing reduces paper and clutter in the marketer's office and in the recipient's mailbox. This is a tangible benefit to both parties, as well as to the environment.