Online Marketing Guidance - What is Online Marketing?

September 19, 2006

Online marketing involves the use of the Internet to deliver marketing messages to the target audience. Compared to traditional offline marketing, online marketing is very different and at the same time, very much the same. On the one hand, the tools available to the online marketer are different from the ones traditionally used by CPAs print advertising, direct mail solicitations, newsletters and free seminars. These new tools include:

  • Web sites
  • Email
  • Hotlinks

On the other hand, many classic marketing principles apply no matter what medium or marketing tool is being employed. For instance:

  • The marketing message must reach the appropriate target.
  • The marketing message must be clear, comprehensible and relevant to the target audience.
  • The tone and manner of the message and the entire marketing communication piece must be appropriate to the nature of the marketer, the target audience and the subject at hand.

Integrating Online and Offline Marketing

An essential truth of marketing any type of product of service is that to be effective, the imagery and messages contained with all pieces need to be consistent and integrated. This consistency applies to online marketing as well. If a firm's overall image promoted in advertising, brochures and office decor is one of a conservative, prudent advisor, then a Web site with bold graphics and flashy animation and MTV-style language would create quite a disconnect in the minds of clients and prospects.