Customer Service Tips - Delivering Outstanding Client Service

September 19, 2006

Businesses in a wide range of industries, including professional service firms, have succeeded in making the delivery of outstanding service a competitive advantage.

Think of Nordstrom, L.L. Bean, Ritz-Carlton or any smaller, local company that goes out of its way to delight its customers and make their lives easier and more pleasant. Customers, in turn, go out of their way to recommend these businesses to friends and family. A CPA firm can do the same, by finding creative, unexpected ways to anticipate, meet and exceed its client's expectations, surpassing the level of service provided by competing firms. Firms, which deliver superior client service, generate significant business through referrals.

Another benefit is enhanced client retention. By exceeding client's expectations as a matter of course, you can create a loyal following based on client's appreciation of your efforts. Your clients will come to expect the level of service you provide and to rely on it. They will have little reason to even consider taking their business elsewhere.