Customer Service Tips - Client Communication and Service

September 19, 2006

Client service and client communication are inextricably linked and are each components of the same mission to continually enhance the level at which you and your firm understand, serve and satisfy your clients.

When you communicate with your clients effectively, you are better able to meet or exceed their expectations because you have a clear understanding of their needs. Effective communication specifically asking the right questions and really listening to your clients also helps you to discover and take advantage of opportunities to serve your clients in new ways.

Just as quality communication enhances a CPAs ability to provide outstanding service, providing excellent client service brings opportunities for more effective communication. The more actively you service your clients, the more opportunities you will have to communicate with them. If you rarely visit your clients and only speak when they call you with an occasional question, there will be few opportunities for real communication. Frequent communications, on the other hand, create an ongoing dialogue with your clients, providing you with the opportunity to become more of a partner to them rather than just a service provider.

Listen closely for the subtle and not-so-subtle clues your client may be providing about his or her level of satisfaction with your firm or with other service providers. Picking up on these hints may enable you to revive a relationship that is going sour or generate additional business by addressing the client's needs that are not currently being met to his or her satisfaction.