AICPA Member Logos for Non-CPA Associate

August 2, 2018

Below are various versions of the membership logo available for Non-CPA Associate Members. 

The logo formats have been optimized for print, the web and small spaces (engraving, embroidery and on small objects) and include: high resolution (HR), low resolution (LR) and transparent for use on dark backgrounds. Please click on the appropriate link to download your membership category logo. 

If working with an outside vendor or printer, you can simply email the logo or provide it to them on a disk.

Please note that, for liability reasons, members are not permitted to use the (single entity) AICPA logo. It is for the exclusive use of the AICPA.

Before using the appropriate AICPA membership logo or the CPA logo, make sure usage complies with your state board requirements.

 High Resolution* 
(for use in print)

Low Resolution
(for use on web and in presentations)

(for use on websites and in 
presentations over
dark backgrounds)

non cpa associate logo, black

Non-CPA Associate Member of AICPA logo, black

non cpa associate logo, color

Non-CPA Associate Member of AICPA logo, black

Additionally, you may find the following, low resolution, transparent files useful on dark backgrounds in PowerPoint presentations and on websites.

*Note: High-resolution files are to be used for high-quality printing. If you do not have the appropriate software, you may not be able to view these files, but you may still save them. 

 ** Note: Transparent white PNGs of the International Associate of AICPA logo will appear blank as you click-through. When you drop them into a dark background, they will appear white over the background.