Upcoming Diversity and Inclusion Webcasts

Intercultural Competence and Conscious Leadership

Date: February 20, 2019
Time: 10-11am ET

We are moving inevitably towards living and working in a more globally connected, multicultural society. Basically, this means that we are in more contact with cultural difference in one way or another.

The upside of this is that actual communication with culturally different people leads to reduced prejudice and higher tolerance. (As opposed to just hearing or reading about "them," which can easily generate fear and hostility.) But the downside is that any amount of tolerance is not enough to support productive multicultural workplaces or sustainable societies.

All of us, and especially leaders, need to look beyond the traditional remedies for prejudice and ethnocentrism. Particularly in a climate of fear and rancor, leaders need to be more conscious of the choices we are making for ourselves and others regarding "otherness." This webcast includes an introductory presentation of the framework and time for on-line questions about specific applications.