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How leadership styles can promote an inclusive organizational culture

The spotlight on organizational culture doesn’t seem to be slowing down. With this in mind, are your senior executives thinking about organizational culture when leading their teams? This session will walk you through how our top leaders have put their own spin on their leadership styles to help grow and shape the success of the firm. Servant and transformational leadership styles differ vastly but both can be used to effectively manage diverse staff and achieve cultural competency. Being aware of your leadership style and how it affects inclusion and diversity is important for two reasons. First, data suggests that diverse staff aren’t equally coached compared to non-diverse staff. Even effective leaders fall into this trap. Diverse staff often feel excluded from the influence and empowerment that leaders show others. Second, many leaders fail to use their power to model cultural competence and inclusion within their companies. Your leadership style can be the key in mitigating these issues in your company. Servant leadership empowers and transformational leadership influences. So how can these be used to promote an inclusive organizational culture? Join our conversation to find out.
Date: 8/25/2020
Time: 1-2pm ET

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