Diversity and Inclusion Resources for the Profession

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Want to expand your organization's diversity and inclusion efforts? We have tools to help.
New tools for firms are now available. The Accounting Inclusion Maturity Model helps firms evaluate their current diversity and inclusion efforts. The AICPA’s National Commission on Diversity and Inclusion has aligned one of its key goals to the CEO Action initiative. Download the Firm Engagement Toolkit.


Taking the exam? Changing focus? Seeking that next level?With a renewed focus on diversity and inclusion in the profession, the AICPA has the most valuable resources available for all stages of your accounting career.


AICPA provides regular webcasts that highlight diversity and inclusion best practices and feature renowned speakers who are experts in their fields. 


Mentoring is a powerful force for developing the next generations of leaders. A mentor can offer insight and advise about challenges and opportunities and serve as a sounding board for ideas and career related decisions. An outside mentor will bring an objective perspective which often compliments the mentoring and coaching a professional receives inside an organization. The AICPA Online Mentoring Program allows participants to seek a mentor and/or mentee outside of their organization. Using an online platform makes a mentoring relationship easier to fit into busy schedules, creating beneficial and successful outcomes.