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  • How firms can advance women in the workplace

    Mar 11, 2020

    Firms are taking proactive steps to attract, retain and advance women, according to the AICPA's 2019 CPA Firm Gender Survey. And firms that use modified work arrangements and formal advancement programs to achieve those goals report that the benefits are clear. Journal of Accountancy online (3/3)

  • Do emerging C-suite roles help women become CEOs?

    Mar 11, 2020

    Leadership roles focused on issues such as innovation, diversity and sustainability present opportunities for more women to make their way into the C-suite. While such opportunities are valuable, companies should note that these emerging roles might not propel women to the CEO ranks if they are not consistently linked to profit and loss responsibilities. Deloitte Insights (3/4)

  • 3 ways to improve diversity efforts at your firm

    Mar 11, 2020

    Research has linked diversity with business performance, and firms can improve their outcomes in this area by focusing on their hiring practices, writes Florence Holland of AICPA. It's also important to assess your current diversity efforts and be willing to have difficult conversations. Accounting Today (free registration) (2/21)

  • D&I can benefit business finances, company culture

    Mar 11, 2020

    Some progress has been made, but firms need to step up their efforts to diversify the accounting profession. Profitability and innovation improve alongside racial and gender diversity, and building an inclusive workforce is key for retaining and empowering employees. Accounting Today (free registration) (2/13)

  • Building effective programs for a neurodiverse workforce

    Mar 11, 2020

    Several companies have had success with efforts to promote neurodiversity, but many people with autism continue to be unemployed or underemployed. This article reviews lessons learned from neurodiversity programs and legal considerations with regard to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Chief Executive online (2/13)

  • Why women leave firms -- and what we can do about it

    Mar 11, 2020

    A lack of flexibility can make it more difficult for firms to retain high-performing female talent. Companies can address the issue by taking five steps, including comparing leave policies with those of other firms, celebrating success stories and taking an annual survey of the employee experience. CPA Insider (3/2)

  • Accounting beats other UK professions in gender diversity

    Mar 11, 2020

    Large accounting firms in the UK are improving gender diversity in the top ranks of company leadership more quickly than other types of businesses. Among the FTSE 100 as a whole, the percentage of female directors has reached 33%, a report found. Bloomberg Tax (free content) (2/10)

  • Ways to improve boards' ethnic diversity

    Mar 11, 2020

    Large UK businesses might miss diversity targets, with a report finding that more than one-third of companies in the FTSE 100 still lack ethnic minority representation on their boards. The report offers several suggestions for improvement, stressing the need for companies to report on diversity policies and prioritize recruitment and development. Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (2/28)

  • Workplaces must evolve to fight gender inequality

    Mar 11, 2020

    Rather than asking women to change themselves, organizations must evolve to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity for advancement. Leaders must become aware of inequality, reflect on their own behaviors and work to remove barriers that inhibit gender or racial diversity. Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (3/3)

  • What percentage of your organization's executive leadership team (partners/EVPs/C-suite) is occupied by women?

    Mar 11, 2020

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