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  • Strategies for CPAs to encourage positive changes in diversity

    Jul 8, 2020

    A surge in passion on issues of racial justice, diversity and inclusion has led to opportunities for CPAs to lead meaningful change. Members of the AICPA National Commission on Diversity and Inclusion share best practices for CPAs who are eager to support change. Journal of Accountancy online (7/7)

  • Q&A: Advocating for justice, diversity and inclusion

    Jul 8, 2020

    Amid tense and uncertain times, two leaders of the National Association of Black Accountants describe their emotions and a sense of hope that they can help lead positive change in the accounting profession and their communities. Among other things, their comments reflect on the need for accountants to ask more questions about how they can support others. Journal of Accountancy online (6/12)

  • A commitment to diversifying accounting

    Jul 8, 2020

    Leaders in the accounting profession say there is more that can be done to address racism and include a broader array of people in the profession. The profession is now "more comfortable with saying 'diversity and inclusion,' but what we need right now is a comfort level with saying 'Black' and 'African American,'" says Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, CPA, CGMA, a former AICPA chairman who is executive director, Finance Thought Leadership for Oracle. Accounting Today (free registration) (6/11)

  • Make internal action match company promises

    Jul 8, 2020

    Companies that are speaking up about racial injustice in the broader world must also address racism within their internal operations. Avoiding the tendency to be defensive and being specific about what is going on are crucial steps. Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (6/11)

  • Recognizing and rooting out racism: Advice for leaders

    Jul 8, 2020

    Recent events have managers wondering how to address racism with their teams and in their organizations. This podcast has suggestions for handling this challenging topic, including advice for crafting effective statements and following through with action. Journal of Accountancy online (6/15)

  • Addressing racial injustice must include mental health

    Jul 8, 2020

    Standard leadership strategies are insufficient to address the emotional impact that incidents such as the killing of George Floyd have had on Black employees. Employers should acknowledge how racism affects Black employees, have experts on hand and avoid making empty proclamations. Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (6/10)

  • Make gender equity a priority in the new normal

    Jul 8, 2020

    Returning to physical workplaces after coronavirus-related shutdowns gives companies an opportunity to revamp policies with a focus on gender equity. Among other things, leaders can support flexible working arrangements and consider the needs of working parents. Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (6/11)

  • How CPAs can combat racism in the profession

    Jul 8, 2020

    Racism continues to be an issue in the business world, but CPAs have an opportunity to drive progress. They can tailor advisory services to the needs of minorities and can help clients "decolonize the budget" by ensuring partnerships with vendors of color. Accounting Today (free registration) (6/10)

  • Are you supporting Black employee resource groups?

    Jul 8, 2020

    Companies can help Black employee resource groups by offering financial support, providing specialists and emphasizing the value of their contributions. Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (6/29)

  • Review organizational processes to advance racial justice

    Jul 8, 2020

    Several steps can promote racial justice within an organization, starting with offering training on topics such as allyship and unconscious bias. Leaders may also need to review their processes for assigning work and conducting performance reviews. Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (6/22)

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