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  • How to hone your skills as an inclusive leader

    Apr 10, 2019

    Research suggests that inclusive leadership is linked to higher performance for work teams. Here is a look at six traits of inclusive leadership -- including humility, curiosity and cultural intelligence -- and advice for developing skill in this area. Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (3/29)

  • Preparing for the Gen Z workforce

    Apr 10, 2019

    Many practices in the workplace have been tailored to millennials but need adjustment to suit Generation Z. This article details what leaders need to know about this emerging workforce and how they can successfully manage the transition. Training magazine (3/8)

  • "Motherhood penalty" continues to hurt women's wages

    Apr 10, 2019

    Women with children continue to face bias in the workplace, and they are losing about $16,000 a year as a result of the "motherhood penalty," according to an analysis by the National Women's Law Center. Research suggests that the motherhood penalty has not changed significantly in the past three decades. CNBC (3/25)

  • Embracing a tax staff mentoring program

    Apr 10, 2019

    An effective mentoring program can help a CPA firm demonstrate commitment to its employees and develop the next generation of leaders. Here is a look at internal and external mentoring strategies and key components of a successful program. The Tax Adviser (3/2019)

  • EY continues to grow neurodiversity program

    Apr 10, 2019

    EY has launched a Neurodiversity Center of Excellence in Chicago as it expands its neurodiversity program, which debuted in 2016. EY plans to open centers in San Jose, Calif., and Nashville, Tenn., this year. Accounting Today (4/1)

  • Study ties gender equality to innovation

    Apr 10, 2019

    Companies that treat women and men equally tend to be more innovative, according to a study of workers in 27 countries by Accenture. The study considered several indicators of equality, including whether companies had diverse leadership teams and parental leave policies. CNBC (3/8)

  • How to prevent gender bias in word choice

    Apr 10, 2019

    Words employers choose when creating job descriptions or delivering performance reviews can exacerbate biases faced by women. Offering training and using software tools can help companies identify gender-biased language. Forbes (3/15)

  • UK groups urge companies to add women on boards

    Apr 10, 2019

    UK groups are calling for companies to ensure that one-third of directors on their boards are women by 2020. The groups wrote to 69 companies, 66 of which had one woman on their boards and three which had none. BBC (3/15)

  • Study: Millennials want fewer work hours

    Apr 10, 2019

    A study finds 53% of millennials would accept less pay in exchange for more time off. The study reports millennials and Generation Z find it difficult to unplug from work during their free time. PhillyVoice (Philadelphia) (3/27)

  • UK considers requiring ethnicity pay gap data

    Apr 10, 2019

    The UK government is considering requiring firms to reveal pay disparities among different ethnic groups. Large accounting firms have already decided to release data in this area, but a survey by PwC found that 95% of organizations have not analyzed ethnicity pay gaps. Bloomberg (tiered subscription model) (3/22)

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