CPA Exam Videos

Exam software tutorials

Watch these videos to learn more about the features and functionality of the CPA Exam software. You'll find various topics that discuss the functionality of tools, resources and navigation found in the exam.

Getting the most out of the CPA Exam sample tests (2:23)

This video provides an overview of how you can use the CPA Exam sample tests to prepare yourself for the live Exam.

Your CPA Exam Experience (:37)

Get a general overview of the Exam software.

Using Microsoft Excel (1:39)

Learn more about using Excel during the Exam.

Authoritative Literature (1:20)

Find out how to use the Authoritative Literature to complete research simulations.

Reviewing Exhibits (1:10)

Find out how to use exhibits to complete simulations.

Highlight function (:29)

Learn more about using the highlight tool during your Exam.

Cut, Copy and Paste functions (:45)

Learn more about using these simple tools during your Exam.