Tax Legislation & Policy

Tax Legislation and Policy 

The AICPA advocates for good tax policy by:
(1) educating the public on the principles of good tax policy through issuance of tax policy concept statements;
(2) participating in hearings, meetings, and conferences to promote good tax policy, particularly simplification of the tax laws, and to provide recommendations on how to reduce the "tax gap;" and
(3) issuing an annual compendium of legislative proposals focused on noncontroversial proposals to simplify or correct perceived technical problems with provisions in the Internal Revenue Code.

Tax Policy Concept Statements



AICPA Tax Penalties Reform Documents

AICPA has submitted various comments on penalties tax reform, including the 2013 updated AICPA report on civil tax penalties and legislative proposals.

AICPA Small Business Tax Reform Comments

AICPA has submitted a letter and written statement for the record of the May 15, 2013 hearing of the House Ways and Means Committee Select Revenue Subcommittee hearing on Chairman Camp's small business tax reform proposal.

AICPA Written Statement on the State of the IRS and the IRS Budget

AICPA has submitted a letter and written statement for the record of the February 5, 2014 hearing of the House Ways and Means Committee Oversight Subcommittee hearing on the state of the IRS and the IRS budget.

AICPA Compendium of Tax Legislative Proposals - Simplification and Technical Proposals

On Feb. 19, 2014, the AICPA submitted a compendium of legislative proposals which focuses on provisions in the Internal Revenue Code that need attention, are technical in nature, and perhaps can be more readily resolved. It is intended that these proposals not be unduly controversial, but instead promote simplicity and fairness. Our AICPA recommendations focus on improving tax administration, making the tax code fairer, and effectively promoting important policy objectives.

2014 Tax Advocacy Comment Letters




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