August Presents Good Opportunity to Meet with Your Lawmakers

July 23, 2015

AugustAugust brings many Congressional activities in Washington, D.C. to a halt each year as members of Congress head home for a month-long district work period.  Throughout Congressional districts and states, House and Senate members will hold town hall meetings, coffees, roundtable discussions, listening sessions and other events in order to hear directly from their constituents.
Elected representatives hold these events because, of all the individuals with whom they talk, it is the conversations with their constituents that are most valuable to them.  Their constituents are the ones who have the most powerful voices.  That translates into an excellent opportunity to meet with your members of Congress in August and to express your concerns about the issues that are important to you.  Be sure to watch for local events or even request an in-state meeting where you can engage your member of Congress.

The Congressional Affairs team at the AICPA is happy to help pull together information about issues on which the profession is working closely with Congress.  If you have any questions about topics to discuss or about reaching out to your member of Congress, please contact the Congressional Affairs Team at: