CPAs Hold Over 100 Elected and Appointed State Government Positions across the Country

June 25, 2015

Interview with micsThe AICPA State Regulation and Legislation Team has partnered with state CPA societies to identify CPAs serving in elected and appointed state-level positions across the country.  Nationwide, 104 CPAs are using their specialized skills to lead state-level policymaking.

Sixty-six of those CPAs are elected to legislative bodies such as their state house of representatives or senate, including 47 Republicans, 16 Democrats, and three independents/non-partisans.  Another 38 CPAs have been elected or appointed to serve in state-level leadership roles, including one governor (Rick Snyder, Michigan), one lieutenant governor (Mary Taylor, Ohio), one secretary of state (Carlos Cascos, Texas), one state supreme court justice (Ricky Polston, Florida), and 24 state auditors.  Of the 104 CPAs elected or appointed to their state-level government, 77 are male and 27 are female.

With their experience and insight into issues such as taxes, the economy, small businesses, budgeting and financial literacy, CPAs serve as key thought leaders, educate other legislators and help ensure that states’ legislative and regulatory environments best reflect the needs and priorities of the profession and the public interest.

If you would like more information about CPAs serving in your state or about how to become involved in state government yourself, please contact your state CPA society or the AICPA State Regulation and Legislation Team at or 202.434.9201.