AICPA Launches Video Highlighting State CPA Lawmakers

September 20, 2012


A new video produced by the American Institute of CPAs features four elected CPAs who serve in state government.  The CPA lawmakers highlighted in the video are Ohio Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, Virginia Senator Walter Stosch, Maryland Delegate Brian Feldman and Wisconsin Representative Dale Kooyenga. 
With a majority of states running budget shortfalls, the objectivity and critical thinking skills of CPAs are highly sought after in state public office. 
Currently, there are 64 CPAs serving in state-elected offices across the country, including Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and 12 CPAs who serve as state auditors, comptrollers or controllers.  Most serve in state legislatures.
Over the past year, the AICPA has worked with state CPA societies to explore ways to highlight CPAs in state public service, in order to encourage and support more CPAs who want to run for state public office. 
In July, the AICPA State Regulatory and Legislative Affairs Team hosted a “CPAs in State Legislatures” panel discussion in St. Louis, Missouri.  The discussion focused on the unique perspective these CPA lawmakers bring to state government service, why they decided to run, how they partner with their state CPA society to represent the profession's interests and ways that state CPA societies can encourage and support more CPAs who want to run for state public office.
The panel featured CPAs currently serving in state legislatures and included Minnesota Senator Michelle Benson, Texas Representative John Otto, Wisconsin Representative Dale Kooyenga, Missouri Representative Denny Hoskins and Michigan Representative Lisa Howze.