State CPA Societies Call for Co-Sponsors for Tax Due Dates Bills

August 15, 2012

To date, 44 state CPA societies have written letters to each member of their U.S. Congressional delegation – all Senators and all Representatives – to ask members of Congress to co-sponsor the Tax Return Due Date Simplification and Modernization Act of 2011 in their respective chambers.

By leveraging the power of the CPAs in their state, these advocacy-oriented state CPA societies have helped U.S. Senators and Representatives understand that CPA constituents in their state support this national initiative that will better facilitate pass-through information required of taxpayers involved in partnerships when filing tax returns with the IRS, and create a more logical flow of information between taxed entities.

Since the AICPA called on state societies to collaborate in this letter-writing initiative in early July, four additional Senators have signed on to S. 845, for a total of eight co-sponsors.  Sixteen additional Representatives have agreed since then to co-sponsor the same bill in the House, H.R. 2382, bringing the total number of co-sponsors in the House to 26.  The eight co-sponsors in the Senate are from seven states; the 26 House co-sponsors are from 17 states.

“Hearing from state CPA societies has really grown the number of co-sponsors on these bills,” said Peter Kravitz, AICPA director of congressional affairs.  “Congressional offices take note when home state CPAs weigh in, and the support that the profession has generated will help build momentum for getting tax due dates legislation passed in the future.”

There is a slight chance that the House and Senate bills may be considered in late 2012.  The AICPA will work to have the bills reintroduced in the next Congress, if that is necessary.

To see the most current list of House and Senate co-sponsors, you can check, which is updated daily.