Don’t Forget to Vote on Nov. 6

October 18, 2012

Americans will go to their respective polling places on the first Tuesday of November this year to exercise their Constitutional right to choose their elected officials and make decisions about ballot initiatives and referendums. 

Recent polls have indicated a tightening presidential race, and a handful of U.S. Senate races are too close to call, making control of the Senate in the next Congress a question. 

All of this points to the importance of casting a ballot on Election Day. 

Although it may sound like a cliché, every vote counts.  If you have doubts, simply ask Senator Harry Reid of Nevada.  On Election Day 1998, more than 435,000 Nevadans cast their votes for the Senate.  As the dust settled, and after several recounts, Senator Reid emerged the victor by 28 – yes, 28 – votes.  Senator Reid, now the Senate Majority Leader, jokes publicly that he won election to his Senate leadership post by a wider margin than he won re-election in 1998. 

The AICPA encourages all of its members to cast their ballots on Election Day – Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012.

AICPA Key Person Program

Grassroots participation helps the AICPA inform and educate elected officials about issues important to the accounting profession.  One such way the grassroots efforts are effective is via the Key Person Program. 

If you have a relationship with a Member of Congress and are not identified as a member of the Key Person Program, please contact Vicki Simmons at to become involved.