Welcome to The CPA Advocate from AICPA President and CEO Barry Melancon

May 25, 2011

Dear AICPA Member:

Welcome to The CPA Advocate, a new AICPA e-newsletter dedicated to keeping you informed about the AICPA’s advocacy efforts on your behalf.

The AICPA’s long-standing commitment to advocating on behalf of CPAs and the accounting profession is even more important as today’s increasingly complex and ever-shrinking world has intensified the need for advocacy efforts. More of the laws and regulations proposed in Washington, D.C. and our state capitals have the potential to affect how CPAs and their clients and employers do business. And now the stage is more than national, it is international. The decisions made in London, Hong Kong and other global seats of power about financial reporting standards and tax rules directly impact CPAs in the U.S. who work with overseas companies and clients.

Member surveys consistently rank advocacy as one of the top benefits of AICPA membership, and we are committed to continuing to represent the interests of CPAs in this changing environment.

Often, our advocacy successes are directly related to the volunteer efforts of individual CPAs and our partnership with the state CPA societies. AICPA Key Persons and the state societies were invaluable in our successful push to have the onerous 1099 reporting requirements repealed. The significant progress we’ve made during this Congress to have legislation passed that would stop tax strategy patents would not have happened without the state societies and dedicated CPA members. Those are just two high-profile examples. Other generous CPA members donate countless hours to serve on the AICPA committees that craft detailed technical responses to regulatory proposals and to respond to our requests to contact their members of Congress.

We hope you will enjoy reading about the ways the AICPA advocates for you. If you have questions or comments about the newsletter, please send them to Shirley Twillman, the newsletter’s editor, at stwillman@aicpa.org.

It is our privilege to be your voice. Thank you for your support and your involvement.


Barry C. Melancon, CPA
President and CEO