Lead Generation & Sponsored Reports

Multi-Channel Marketing Resulting in Targeted Leads

Throughout the year, the Journal of Accountancy, The Tax Adviser and CGMA Magazine publish sponsored reports that offer readers a deep dive on a specific topic. These high-impact reports are published in print and online, and provide the sponsor branding and lead generation opportunities.

When you sponsor a report, you get:

  • Full-page ad in the report
  • Between 750–1,500 qualified and targeted leads
  • Millions of impressions through the AICPA’s media channels
  • Company name on the report cover

How do AICPA Media Channels generate the leads? Sponsored reports are published online about two weeks before they are published in print.

We promote the report through targeted emails, display ads, and social media to drive millions of digital impressions. Leads must register for the report and agree to be contacted by the sponsor(s).

2017 Lead Generation Schedule:

Journal of Accountancy

  • Revenue Recognition - March
  • Tax Season Review - May
  • Cybersecurity - June
  • HR/Payroll - September
  • Tax Season Preview - October

2017 Topics—The Tax Adviser

  • Tax Reform - February

2017 Topics—CGMA Magazine

  • Financial Reporting - Spring
  • Topic Coming Soon - Winter

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