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The AICPA e-Briefs and Insider e-Newsletters target CPAs with cutting-edge news, information and resources concerning their professional interests and specializations. High-level influencers and purchasing decision-makers count on these briefings for information on changing trends in the accounting industry – news that can provide a competitive advantage and information management resources for the CPA profession.

The AICPA Insider e-Newsletters reach more than 300,000 opt-in subscribers – top-level executives and decision-makers who are responsive to your products and services. The e-Newsletters are segmented into specializations, including corporate finance, career, tax, corporate tax and general CPA information. They are packed with current news and information, real-time polls, product guidance, commentary, professional development resources and more.

Insider e-Newsletters

Conforming to the highest ethical standards in permission-based email marketing, the Insiders offer advertising opportunities that yield strong results, including:
  • Advertising editorial
  • Text and banner advertising
  • Custom surveys
  • Video Snacks advertising
58% of Insider subscribers took at least one action, such as visiting an advertiser’s website, as a result of reading a sponsored editorial in the last year.

The Insider e-Newsletters are designed to help advertisers succeed, using sponsored content showcased next to relevant articles written by industry-leading columnists. The Insiders have received prestigious awards, including the Web Marketing Association’s 2011 Internet Advertising Competition award in the ‘Best Associations Online Newsletter campaign,’ the APEX Grand award for best non-profit newsletter redesign and the min Editorial and Design Awards honorary award for best e-newsletter.

64% of respondents have purchased or recommended products for their companies or clients in the last year.

Recommended products and services include cloud and e-business solutions, accounting software, professional development, tax services, office products, payroll/HR solutions, computer hardware, employee benefits, financial services/planning, staffing/recruiting, travel and practice management.

45% of subscribers became aware of a new product, service or company as a result of reading an AICPA Insider e-Newsletter in the last year.

AICPA e-Briefs

The AICPA e-Briefs provide relevant information to CPAs daily through targeted, easy-to-read e-newsletters with high open rates, click-through rates and consistent reader engagement.

3 out of 5 CPAs have stayed subscribers since the e-Briefs were launched. That’s 225,000 loyal accountants who read the e-Briefs daily or monthly for more than 3 years.

Know your ROI. Unparalleled campaign reporting. A customized report of your AICPA e-Briefs advertising will include total click-throughs to your website, as well as the company names and titles of people who click on your ad.

Advertiser benefits include:
  • Online visibility of your products and services
  • Increased traffic to your company's website
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Purchase influence
  • Complimentary consulting
  • Click-through reports
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