Celebrate the AICPA's 125th anniversary. Numerous commemorative materials and activities have been developed to help members take a journey through the profession's history. The 125th celebration is as much a reflection of the past as it is an opportunity to envision what lies ahead. Much has changed in the last 125 years, and those changes have created today's profession. The issues we are facing now will create the profession of the future. Thank you for sharing in our 125th celebration.

Take a visual tour of the past 125 years of accounting through the Journal of Accountancy’s illustrated timeline. Part time capsule, part abbreviated history lesson, it’s a glimpse of the rich heritage of accounting told through facts, photos and videos.

A first-of-a-kind tool from the CPA profession that gives taxpayers a clearer picture of the types and number of taxes they pay and the estimated amounts of each.

Video on how the US government’s financial statements can be used for greater understanding of the nation’s fiscal health.

A Changing and Complex Profession 

Barry Melancon - Making Sense of a Changing and Complex Profession

AICPA's President & CEO addresses the trials, triumphs and transformation of the accounting profession during the past two decades and outlines the way technology, globalization, and other factors will radically reshape the CPA's world over the next several years.

Special Features

125 Technology Quick Tips
125 hints and pointers regarding technology topics such as Microsoft Office, iPads, Google and more.
125 People of Impact in Accounting
A profession known for integrity and character has had more than its share of special people. The JofA identified 125 individuals who have had a significant impact on accounting during the AICPA's 125-year history.
Test Your CPA History Knowledge
This 10-question quiz isn't as difficult as the CPA exam, but it isn't easy.

Journal of Accountancy Anniversary Issue 

Click here to browse the 125th Anniversary edition of the Journal of Accountancy.

125th Anniversary Video 

Celebrating 125 Years
A message from AICPA President & CEO, Barry Melancon, CPA, CGMA, commemorating the 125th Anniversary.

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Watch the inspiring "Evolution of a CPA" video

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125 Years in Images 

From the abacus to adding machines to PCs in your pocket, the tools of the accounting profession have evolved over the past 125 years. AICPA members sent us their machines—and other bits of memorabilia used by CPAs in their day-to-day work and education—to help us illustrate the history of the profession. See images of the objects and read the stories behind them.
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