AICPA Strategic Priorities 


    Lead the profession in embracing a changing workforce environment by attracting, educating and nurturing CPAs throughout their professional careers and into retirement. People are the profession’s greatest asset and highest priority. By looking holistically at the entire life cycle of a CPA career, the AICPA is focusing on the profession’s current and future success. Key objectives include attracting more students to accounting; encouraging new graduates to take the CPA Exam; increasing the number of accounting doctoral students; replenishing accounting faculty; and nurturing CPAs throughout their professional careers.

    Professional Excellence and Public Interest Issues

    Support members in the delivery of high-quality services to the public, clients and employers by providing them technical and professional leadership that improves and assures the quality of information and/or its context. Standards, regulations and technology are changing rapidly. As they evolve, so too do the expectations for CPA services and competency. The AICPA will keep pace with these changes and continue to provide our members with resources, tools, technical support and leadership. Particular emphasis will be placed on enhancing support for smaller firms, business and industry members, private companies and tax specialists.

    CPA Reputation

    Enhance and promote the CPA profession and the AICPA. CPAs are trusted advisers who provide services at the highest quality level. Using a variety of channels, including a layered, diverse Internet presence and media outreach, the AICPA will continue its stewardship efforts to strengthen and expand the CPA image, promote the CPA brand and encourage use of the CPA credential.


    Advocate for members on issues that affect the profession. Regulatory forces at both the national and state level and legislative issues, such as tax strategy patents, will continue to affect the profession. The AICPA is prepared to meet these challenges by strengthening partnerships and advocacy efforts in Washington, working with state societies and informing and activating the grassroots membership. The Institute will continually work to advocate for the highest public good and protect the profession against unnecessary barriers to the delivery of CPA services.

    Operational Excellence

    Drive a financially sustainable organization by providing high-value services and exceptional product delivery, earning membership growth. Strong AICPA operations ensure the Institute’s continued ability to focus on our members’ needs. Efficiencies created by relocating a major portion of our operations to North Carolina and ongoing recruitment of quality staff position us to remain fiscally sound and well-equipped to both strengthen existing offerings and enrich our portfolio with new products and services. These enhancements ultimately increase the value of membership for current members as well help attract new members.

    Thought Leadership

    Deliver thought leadership through committees and state societies. Seek out opportunities to continue and enhance effective communications and feedback loops on critical initiatives. The AICPA and individual state societies have a uniquely strong relationship. We have a long and successful track record of partnering on issues vital to the profession. The Institute is committed to continue enhancing these relationships to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in our respective goals. Additionally, by aligning the strategic goals of key committees and tapping into our diverse volunteer base, we can leverage our combined acumen to innovate for our members and for the profession.

    Competition and Risk

    Assess and act on competitive risks for the profession and the AICPA. Build robust risk-assessment and decision-making capabilities in all levels of the organization. The CPA profession will face increasing competition from a variety of external forces in the years ahead. The AICPA will enhance its efforts to forecast, identify and analyze risks to the profession with the goal of maintaining the profession’s strength and success. We also will retain our established commitment to holistic standard-setting activities that are aligned with market conditions.

    International Opportunities

    Expand international opportunities for collaboration and partnership for both the AICPA and members, while providing leadership on international matters that affect the profession. International issues such as financial reporting standards are affecting CPAs from Wall Street to Main Street. As the world’s largest national professional accountants organization, the AICPA recognizes our unique responsibility to help members understand the issues and opportunities of an increasingly global accounting environment. We will maintain a strong presence on international standard-setting bodies, and will provide support for firms of all sizes.

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