CPA Vision Project

The Vision in the CPA Vision Process

Helping the CPA profession stay on top of the change curve is what the CPA Vision Process is all about. With direct grassroots input from CPAs across the nation and support from the professional organizations that act on their behalf, the CPA Vision Process has led to a comprehensive and integrated vision of the profession's future.


CORE PURPOSE: CPAs making sense of a changing and complex world.

VISION STATEMENT: CPAs are the trusted professionals who enable people and organizations to shape their future. Combining insight with integrity, CPAs deliver value by:

  • Communicating the total picture with clarity and objectivity
  • Translating complex information into critical knowledge
  • Anticipating and creating opportunities
  • Designing pathways that transform vision into reality


Continuing Education and Life-Long Learning - CPAs highly value continuing education beyond certification and believe it is important to continuously acquire new skills and knowledge.

Competence - CPAs are able to perform high quality work in a capable, efficient and appropriate manner.

Integrity - CPAs conduct themselves with honesty and professional ethics.

Attuned to Broad Business Issues - CPAs are in tune with the overall realities of the business environment.

Objectivity - CPAs are able to deal with information free of distortions, personal bias or conflicts of interest.


Communications and Leadership Skills - Able to give and exchange information within meaningful context and with appropriate delivery and interpersonal skills. Able to influence, inspire and motivate others to achieve results.

Strategic and Critical Thinking Skills - Able to link data, knowledge and insight together to provide quality advice for strategic decision-making.

Focus on the Customer, Client and Market - Able to anticipate and meet the changing needs of clients, employers, customers and markets better than competitors.

Interpretation of Converging Information - Able to interpret and provide a broader context using financial and non-financial information.

Technologically Adept - Able to utilize and leverage technology in ways that add value to clients, customers and employers.


Assurance and Information Integrity - Provide a variety of services that improve and assure the quality of information, or its context, for business decision-making.

Management Consulting and Performance Management - Provide advice and insight on the financial and non-financial performance of an organization's operational and strategic processes through broad business knowledge and judgment.

Technology Services - Provide services that leverage technology to improve objectives and decision-making including business application processes, system integrity, knowledge management, system security and integration of new business processes and practices.

Financial Planning - Provide a variety of services to organizations and individuals that interpret and add value by utilizing a wide range of financial information. These include everything from tax planning and financial statement analysis to structuring investment portfolios and complex financial transactions.

International Services - Provide services to support and facilitate commerce in the global market.