Jobs at the AICPA

Governmental & Public Affairs 

  • Congressional & Political Affairs
  • State Regulatory and Legislative Affairs
  • State Society Affairs
  • Washington Office Administration

Congressional & Political Affairs

The Congressional and Political Affairs Team is charged with monitoring and advocating on legislative and other matters that affect the accounting profession, CPAs, and the AICPA. The Team works with Federal Key Persons, state CPA societies, firms, and other outside organizations to provide information and educate policymakers regarding key issues. The Congressional and Political Affairs Team regularly develops Congressional testimony, has direct contact with elected officials and their staffs, and works with regulatory agencies, to help promote sound policymaking on many national issues. Whether serving as an information resource or offering recommendations, the Team represents the profession while protecting the public interest.

State Regulatory and Legislative Affairs

The State Regulatory and Legislative Affairs Team supports sound state-level policymaking that promotes the profession while protecting the public interest. The Team regularly partners with state CPA societies on projects and policy initiatives; monitors regulatory and legislative activities and trends at the state level; provides analytical, strategic, and legal support to key state stakeholders; facilitates discussions and information sharing; and serves as an information and research clearinghouse and resource provider for the 55 state and jurisdiction CPA societies, state boards of accountancy, elected officials and their staff, regulatory agencies, AICPA members, and other groups.

State Society Affairs

The State Society Affairs team objective is to facilitate the working relationship between the state CPA societies and the AICPA, including the flow of information, and to foster coordination of AICPA and state society programs for the benefit of our shared members.  The State Society Affairs Team is responsible for planning the annual Interchange and Leadership Conferences, and for helping AICPA staff, committees and leaders to find optimal ways to work with the state societies to achieve common goals.

Washington Office Administration

The Business and Operations Strategy team provides, oversees and maintains the core operational and administrative services and functions of the AICPA Washington Office.  Our team’s goal is to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of AICPA members and the Washington Office  staff by providing efficient, reliable and cost-effective facilities management and customer service support.

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