Meet Team AICPA

    Meet Team AICPA: Jeannie 

    Name: Jeannie
    Title: Vice President - Students, Academics & Membership
    Office: Durham, NC
    Team: Academic Career Development & Membership Marketing

    How did you learn about the AICPA?
    I was a State Society CEO in Utah for 28 years before joining AICPA – so the AICPA has been a key player in my professional life for many years.

    How long have you been employed with the AICPA?
    Since July 2008.

    Why did you decide to come to the AICPA?
    I love the CPA profession and I was very excited about the possibilities of working with students and young professionals.

    Why do you like working at the AICPA?
    I am surrounded by really talented people who do quality work.

    What cool projects have you worked on at the AICPA?
    I was the project director for the inaugural CPA Vision Project, my teams created and manage site for high school students, and This Way to CPA site which is designed to assist college students and accounting majors in navigating the process of education, CPA exam and licensure.  I have responsibility for Young CPA programs, including the AICPA Leadership Academy, websites and programming.  We have created a National Commission on Diversity and that team works with ethnic diversity programs from K-12 through the profession.  I also have accountability for the Membership Marketing team on identifying the key attributes of our membership segments.

    What is your favorite perk/benefit about working at the AICPA?
    The ability to telecommute regularly.

    What’s unique about working at the AICPA as compared to other employers?
    Our primary functions cycle around making a difference for our members and for the CPA profession. It’s an opportunity to work for an employer whose primary focus is making a difference for others – in our case, CPAs.

    Name an AICPA membership program or activity you work on and its significance to the profession. The key online resource for high school students who are in the process of making decisions about possible majors. Hand-in-hand with StartHereGoPlaces is the “bridge site” which is being designed for college students and those working toward passage of the CPA exam. This will be a new resource that can be an enormous support to those who are interested in accounting and who may be making key career decisions without the necessary resources this site will provide.

    This Way to CPA:  This site is the key resource for university students and CPA exam candidates.  We are in the process of working with the National State Boards of Accountancy on making this site the portal for candidates for the CPA exam.
    Meet Jeannie
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