Joining the AICPA

    AICPA Hiring Process 

    Job search - The process begins with searching for a job opening that interests you by job department, location or even by key word. 

    Applying at AICPA - Once you apply for a job by submitting your resume, you will be contacted by the recruiting team should there be interest in your qualifications. If you are being referred by a current employee, please note this during the online application process in addition to any paper application requested by our recruiting team.

    Phone interview
    - The phone interview assesses your technical skills and proficiency, to the level of determining whether you should be brought in for in-person interviews. Typically phone interviews are conducted by a recruiter, someone in a similar role or the position supervisor and last about 30-40 minutes. You may participate in one or multiple phone interviews.

    On-site interview - Our interview process for positions evaluates your core skills and experience. During your interview, you’ll meet with one or more interviewers who can provide an overview of the department and what it’s like to work at AICPA. Interviewers will ask you questions related to your past experiences; some positions may also require an on-site evaluation or skills test.

    What happens next - Following your interviews, we will decide if you are suitable for the job opening. We take hiring very seriously and like to make consensus-based decisions. Please be patient with usyour recruiter will keep in touch with you when feedback has been received and decisions made. Also feel free to get in touch with your recruiter at any time.
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