Senior & Executive Committees

Senior Committees

The Council may designate any committee as a "senior" committee. The appointment by the chairman of the Board of Directors of members and any appointed
to senior committees shall require the approval of the Board of Directors. The scope of responsibility of senior committees shall be as the Council may prescribe consistent with the specific provisions of the bylaws. The Board of Directors shall prescribe the duties, powers, and procedures of such committees.

Executive Committees

Executive committees are the standing parent group responsible for Policy-setting in an area of activity. The Board of Directors acts as the executive committee of Council, directing Institute activities between Council meetings.

Senior and Executive Committees are as follows: ( * denotes Senior Committees)

  • Accounting and Review Services Committee *
  • Assurance Services Executive Committee *
  • Auditing Standards Board *
  • Board of Examiners *
  • Business and Industry Executive Committee
  • Center for Audit Quality Governing Board *
  • Employee Benefits Audit Quality Center Executive Committee *
  • Financial Reporting Executive Committee *
  • Forensic and Valuation Services Executive Committee *
  • Governmental Audit Quality Center Executive Committee *
  • Information Management and Technology Assurance Executive Committee *
  • Management Consulting Services Executive Committee *
  • National Accreditation Commission *
  • PCPS Executive Committee *
  • Peer Review Board *
  • Personal Financial Planning Executive Committee *
  • Pre-Certification Education Executive Committee
  • Professional Ethics Executive Committee *
  • Professional Practice Executive Committee
  • Tax Executive Committee *
  • Women’s Initiatives Executive Committee