AICPA Bylaw Section 840

8.4 Submission to Membership by Mail Ballot

As amended
January 12, 1988,
unless otherwise indicated

    .01    Amendments proposed under section 8.3.1 and those authorized by the Council under section 8.3 shall be submitted to all of the members of the Institute for a vote by mail ballot, no later than 180 days following discussion or authorization by the Council. If at least two-thirds of those voting approve such proposal, it shall become effective as an amendment to the bylaws or to the Code of Professional Conduct, as applicable. Mail ballots shall be considered valid and counted only if received as instructed by the Institute for the return of such votes within sixty days from the date of mailing the ballots to the members.

[As revised May 15, 2000; revised November 6, 2007.]