AICPA Bylaw Section 760R

Implementing Resolution Under Section 7.6 Publication of Disciplinary Action

As amended
May 26, 1993,
unless otherwise indicated


    .01    That notice of disciplinary action taken under section 7.3 or 7.4 of the bylaws or of termination of enrollment of a member or a member's firm in an Institute-approved practice monitoring program, and the basis therefore shall be published by the Institute and that the professional ethics division, the Peer Review Board or peer review committee as appropriate shall maintain a record of such information and disclose that information upon request. In the case of disciplinary action pursuant to section 7.3 of the bylaws, such notice shall be in a form approved by the chairman of the trial board and consistent with this Council resolution. In any action pursuant to section 7.4 of the bylaws in which the member is found guilty or has entered into a settlement agreement with the professional ethics executive committee, the trial board or panel hearing the case shall decide on the form of the notice of the case and the decision to be published. All notices shall disclose, at least, the name of the member involved and, when appropriate, the terms and conditions of any settlement agreement and the nature of the violation. The statement and decision, as released by the chairman, trial board, or hearing panel, shall be published by the Institute. No such publication shall be made until such decision has become effective. The professional ethics executive committee may inform the complainant of the outcome of its investigation without regard to whether the action taken results in publication under section 7.6 of the bylaws.

[As revised by Council May 15, 2000; revised October 18, 2003; revised November 6, 2007.]