AICPA Bylaw Section 740

7.4 Disciplining of Member by Trial Board

As amended
January 12, 1988,
unless otherwise indicated

    .01    Under such conditions and by such procedure as the Council may prescribe, a hearing panel of the trial board, by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting, may expel a member (except as otherwise provided in section 7.4.3), or by a majority vote of the members present and voting, may suspend a member for a period not to exceed two years not counting any suspension imposed under sections 7.3.1 and 7.3.2, or may impose such lesser sanctions as the Council may prescribe on any member if the member

            7.4.1 Infringes any of these bylaws or any rule of the Code of Professional Conduct;

            7.4.2 Is declared by a court of competent jurisdiction to have committed any fraud;

            7.4.3 Is held by a hearing panel of the trial board to have been guilty of an act discreditable to the profession, or to have been convicted of a criminal offense which tends to discredit the profession; provided that should a hearing panel of the trial board find by a majority vote that the member has been convicted by a criminal court of an offense involving moral turpitude, or any of the offenses enumerated in section 7.3.1, the penalty shall be expulsion;

            7.4.4 Is declared by any competent court to be insane or otherwise incompetent;

            7.4.5 Is subject to a disciplinary action by an authority covered in section 7.3.2 that could result in automatic discipline under section 7.3.2; or

[As revised October 18, 2003.]

            7.4.6 Fails to cooperate with the professional ethics division in any disciplinary investigation of the member, owner or employee of the firm by not making a substantive response to interrogatories or a request for documents from a committee of the professional ethics division or by not complying with the educational and remedial or corrective action determined to be necessary by the professional ethics executive committee, within thirty days after the posting of notice of such interrogatories, or a request for documents, or directive to take CPE or corrective action by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, to the member at the member's last known address shown in the official records of the Institute.

[As revised May 15, 2000.]

    .02    With respect to a member residing in a state in which the state society has entered into an agreement approved by the Institute's Board of Directors to deal with complaints against society members in cooperation with the professional ethics division, disciplinary hearings shall be conducted before a hearing panel of the joint trial board.

( See section 740R.)