AICPA Bylaw Section 660

6.6 Election Meeting of Council

As amended
June 17, 1996,
unless otherwise indicated

    .01    New members-at-large of Council elected pursuant to section 6.3 shall take office as soon as their election is completed, replacing those members-at-large whose terms shall have expired. Then the presiding officer shall announce the installation of members of the Council newly elected under section 6.1, at which time they shall take office, replacing those directly elected members of Council whose terms shall have expired. Election of officers who are elected by the Council, new members of the Board of Directors, and others shall then be held, and each officer or member of the Board of Directors so elected shall replace that person's predecessor upon such election, provided, however, that the retiring chairman of the board shall continue in office through the end of the annual meeting of the Institute.

[Section renumbered as a result of the deletion of the former sections 640 and 640R on June 17, 1996; as revised May 15, 2000.]