AICPA Bylaw Section 650

6.5 Vacancies

As amended
June 17, 1996

     .01    Vacancies in the membership of Council, or in the Board of Directors, or in any of the offices of the Institute elected by the Council, occurring between annual meetings of the Institute, may be filled by election of replacements by the Council, either at a meeting of Council or by mail ballot, under such conditions as the Council may prescribe. If the Council should so replace a directly elected member of the Council, such interim appointment will run only until the member's seat is filled by direct election of the membership of that member's state as provided in these bylaws.

     .02    Pending action by the Council to fill a vacancy among any of the officers of the Institute who are elected by the Council, the Board of Directors may appoint a temporary successor to act in the capacity indicated.

(See section 650R.)

[Section renumbered as a result of the deletion of the former sections 640 and 640R on June 17, 1996.]