AICPA Bylaw Section 520

5.2 Meetings of Council

As amended January 12, 1988,
unless otherwise indicated

    .01    Meetings of the Council shall be governed by sections 5.2.1 through 5.2.5, section 5.3, and section 6.6.

            5.2.1  Regular Meetings of Council

            A regular meeting of the Council shall be held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Institute and on such other dates as the Council or the Board of Directors may designate.

            [As revised May 15, 2000.]

            5.2.2  Special Meetings of Council

            The chairman of the board shall call special meetings of the Council when requested to do so by the Board of Directors or when requested in writing by at least thirty members of the Council. Special meetings of the Council shall be held at places designated by the Board of Directors.

            5.2.3  Mail Ballot in Lieu of Special Meeting of Council

            In lieu of a special meeting of the Council, the chairman of the board, with the approval of the Board of Directors, may submit any question to the Council for a vote by mail, and any action therein approved in writing by not less than two-thirds of those voting shall be declared by the chairman of the board an act of the Council and shall be recorded in the minutes of the Council provided, however, that at least a majority of the Council must have cast ballots on the question.

            [As revised November 6, 2007.]

            5.2.4  Notice

            Notice of each meeting of the Council shall be sent to each member of the Council, at the member's mailing address as shown in the official records of the Institute, at least twenty-one days before such meeting. Such notice, as far as practicable, shall contain a statement of the business to be transacted.

            5.2.5  Minutes

            A copy of the minutes of each meeting of the Council shall be forwarded to each member of the Council within forty-five days after such meeting.