AICPA Bylaw Section 440

4.4 Indemnification

As amended
January 12, 1988

     .01    The Institute shall indemnify to the full extent authorized by law for the good faith exercise of judgment in the performance of assigned duties any person made or threatened to be made a party to any action, suit, or proceeding, whether criminal, civil, administrative, or investigative, by reason of the fact that the person, the person's testator, or intestate is or was a member of Council, the Board of Directors, or any committee, trustee, officer, employee, or agent of the Institute or any affiliated entity or serves or served any other enterprise as a director, trustee, officer, employee, or agent at the request of the Institute.

    .02    Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Institute may contract for insurance against all or a portion of any liabilities and expenses, if any, resulting from the indemnification of any of the foregoing persons pursuant to this section or otherwise as permitted by law, and may also contract for companion insurance directly insuring any or all of such persons against liabilities and expenses.