AICPA Bylaw Section 320R

Implementing Resolution Under Section 3.2 Membership

As adopted
May 15, 2000,
unless otherwise indicated

Under Section 3.2.5 Certain Positions to Be Held Only by Members


     .01    That pursuant to bylaw section 3.2.5, persons who are not Institute members may be appointed to the following senior or permanent committees or boards:
  • Board of Examiners

  • Professional Ethics Executive Committee

  • Auditing Standards Board

  • Financial Reporting Executive Committee

  • Center for Audit Quality Governing Board

  • Peer Review Board

  • Personal Financial Planning Executive Committee

  • Information Management and Technology Assurance Executive Committee

  • Forensic and Valuation Services Executive Committee

  • National Accreditation Commission 

[As revised by Council October 21, 2003; revised October 24, 2005; revised May 21, 2006; revised May 24, 2010; revised May 20, 2013.]

Further Resolved:

    .02    That except as otherwise provided by Council, and except for committees of the Board of Directors, such as the Committee on Audit, no public member on a senior or permanent committee or board may serve as its chair.