AICPA Bylaw Section 310

3.1 General

As amended
January 12, 1988,
unless otherwise indicated
    .01    The organization of the Institute shall include the members, the Council, the Board of Directors, officers, and committees.

    .02    The Board of Directors may from time to time organize the committees and staff of the Institute into divisions and, subject to section 3.6, may adopt rules of procedure and operating policies for such divisions.
            3.1.1    Communications With Members

            Any communication, notification or other action required by these bylaws to be provided or undertaken by mail or in writing, to or from the members, may be provided or undertaken by any means including but not limited to electronic or telephonic means, as authorized by Council. Except for determining a member’s residence for voting purposes under section 3.2.3, a member’s mailing address for purposes of these bylaws may be an electronic or other form of address, in lieu of a postal address.

[As adopted May 15, 2000.]