AICPA Bylaw Section 230

2.3 Requirements for Retention of Membership

As amended
January 8, 1990,
unless otherwise indicated

    .01  Members of the Institute shall

            2.3.1 Pay dues as established by Council.

            2.3.2 Conform with these bylaws and the Rules of the Code of Professional Conduct.

            2.3.3 Complete continuing professional education requirements established by Council.

( See section 230R.)

            2.3.4 Engage in the practice of public accounting with a firm that is enrolled in an Institute-approved practice-monitoring program if the services performed by such a firm are within the scope of the AICPA's practice-monitoring standards and the firm issues reports purporting to be in accordance with AICPA professional standards or, if authorized by Council, themselves enroll in such a program.

[As amended October 28, 1997; revised May 15, 2000.]

(See section 220R, as amended October 24, 1994.)

            2.3.5 [Deleted November 6, 2007.]