AICPA Bylaw Section 220

2.2 Requirements for Admission to Membership

As amended
January 12, 1988,
unless otherwise indicated

    .01  Persons may qualify for admission as members of the Institute if they satisfy the criteria listed below:

            2.2.1 They are in possession of a valid and unrevoked certified public accountant certificate issued by a legally constituted authority, or at any time possessed the certificate described herein and the certificate was not revoked as a result of a disciplinary action, or meet the education, examination and experience requirements set out in the Uniform Accountancy Act and who are of good moral character and have never been granted a right to practice,

            2.2.2 They have passed an examination in accounting and other related subjects satisfactory to the Board of Directors, and

            2.2.3 With respect to those persons who are engaged in the practice of public accounting as an owner or as an employee who has been licensed as a CPA for more than two years, either they are practicing in a firm that is enrolled in an Institute-approved practice-monitoring program if the services performed by such a firm are within the scope of the AICPA's practice-monitoring standards and the firm issues reports purporting to be in accordance with AICPA professional standards, or if authorized by Council, are themselves enrolled in such a program.

[As amended October 28, 1997, May 15, 2000, and October 8, 2010.]

( See section 220R.)

            2.2.4 With respect to persons who first become eligible to take the examination required by section 2.2.2 after the year 2012, they shall have obtained 150 semester hours of education at an accredited college or university including a bachelor's degree or its equivalent. After 2012, a person who does not meet the educational requirement set out in this section shall, nonetheless, be eligible for membership upon enactment (regardless of the effective date) of the education requirement set out in this section by the state which grants the certificate required under section 2.2.1.

[As revised May 15, 2000; revised November 6, 2007.]