AICPA Foundation Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Addressing Diversity
We live in one of the most world's most diverse countries and yet, when one looks at the population of CPAs – the business world’s most trusted advisers – diversity in the profession is simply not keeping pace. In order to continue to serve the public interest, the CPA profession must become more representative of the diversity of our nation.

The AICPA Foundation has been a long-time proponent of diversity and increasing diversity within the accounting profession has been one of its long-standing objectives. The lack of diversity affects all sectors of the financial community that depend on the accounting profession to prepare useful financial reports that support effective capital markets. In keeping with its mission to enhance the diversity of the accounting profession, the AICPA Foundation has contributed to numerous strategic partnerships as well as scholarships, fellowships and workshop programs.

Increasing diversity in the accounting profession is a multifaceted goal. It starts with raising the awareness of people of all backgrounds about accounting careers through information and imaging. In addition, we need to generate interest by providing guidance and resources that facilitate active minority participation in the profession.

AICPA Foundation Funds & Programs
Diversity Fund – Established in 1970 as the Accounting Education Fund for Disadvantaged Students – the fund supports programs and activities to integrate the profession. Today, the AICPA Foundation provides much of the necessary financial support. In order to significantly increase the ethnic diversity of those participating in the accounting profession, new and innovative programs continue to be needed.