“I have just received the generous grant from the Benevolent Fund and would like to express my gratitude for your generosity. This past year has been a trying time for my family and me as we wait on federal assistance. I never expected my membership in the AICPA to provide such a benefit beyond the business needs. The AICPA has proven again to be an invaluable asset.”

– One time grant recipient

Contact Us

AICPA Benevolent Fund
c/o Fund Administrators
220 Leigh Farm Road
Durham, NC 27707

Phone: 866.527.2228
Fax: 919.419.4749
Email: Benevolent_Fund@aicpa.org

AICPA Benevolent Fund

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Application Process

Members who need this help must apply and submit the required supporting documentation. The Fund administrators present submissions to the Board of Trustees for review on a case-by-case basis. Assistance is reviewed every six months.

Applications can be downloaded using the links below or by contacting the Fund administrators at 866.527.2228 or Benevolent_Fund@aicpa.org.