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    Getting Divorced

    Overview Access information and resources related to getting a divorce.
    Published on January 15, 2013

    Benefits of Becoming a CPA/PFS

    Article The PFS credential provides both tangible and intangible benefits for CPA financial planners.
    Published on April 22, 2014

    PFP Section Benefits for Prospective Members - Overview

    Overview PFP Community Membership will broaden your technical expertise, improve your professional competence, and help you deliver high-quality, profitable PFP services.
    Published on April 23, 2014

    FAQs for Prospective CPA/PFS Credential Holders

    FAQ Frequently asked questions for CPA/PFS applicants.
    Published on April 17, 2014

    Financial Planning Software

    Guide If you currently offer personal financial planning services, or if you will be doing so in the future, it is essential that you practice your craft with the aid of one or more professional financial planning programs developed by a reputable commercial software vendor
    Published on April 27, 2011

    The CPAs Role in Restoring Investor Confidence

    Article There have been many well-intended attempts to restore investor confidence. However, one could categorize these attempts to be analogous to putting a band aid on a wound that is in need of a tourniquet. More needs to be done, and there is critical role that the CPA can play
    Published on March 29, 2011

    Moving from Tax Preparer to Financial Planner

    Webcast These CPAs take a holistic approach in the delivery of financial planning services to ensure all of their clients’ needs are met, including tax, estate, retirement, investments and insurance.
    Published on April 22, 2014

    Statement on Standards in Personal Financial Planning Services

    Exposure Draft Information on the Statement on Standards in Personal Financial Planning Services.
    Published on April 16, 2014

    Fox Financial Planning Network Program Details

    Tools Learn how to provide CPAs in all business models and firm sizes with the step by step processes they need to effectively develop their PFP businesses via a holistic approach.
    Published on May 03, 2013

    PFP & CPA/PFS Learning Opportunities

    Overview Education related opportunities to develop professionally and be prepared for the PFS exam.
    Published on April 17, 2014

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