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    Section 7216 Sample Consent Forms

    Guide ...developed a specific practice guide to assist members with compliance with the Regulations under Section 7216 of the Internal Revenue Code. This guide includes specific examples of appropriate consent forms that can be presented to a client. This guidance is based on the regulations as issued
    Published on July 20, 2010

    7216 Guide and Sample Consent Forms

    Guide Section 7216 Consent Forms Practice Guide for use by tax practitioners
    Published on April 03, 2014

    2012 Gift Tax Return Tips and Traps

    Article This article highlights some of the many nuances CPA financial planners and practitioners need to consider for completing, and advising on, 2012 gift tax returns.
    Published on September 16, 2013

    Illustrative Engagement Letter for an Investment Advisory Agreement

    Sample Letter The following agreement is for investment advisers who manage money on a discretionary basis. However, the agreement can readily be tailored to other forms of advisory relationships whereby the adviser plays some role in managing the investments and portfolio of his or her client
    Published on September 23, 2010

    AICPA Issues Briefing Bernard Madoff

    Article The AICPA is providing guidance for members in how to address the needs of clients impacted by the scheme including federal tax implications, how to identify Ponzi schemes as well as options for recoupment of their losses through the Securities Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC).
    Published on August 19, 2010

    Portability A Planning Game-Changer, But Not as Simple as It Appears

    Webcast In this webcast, Steve Siegel leads practitioners through an in-depth discussion on portability.
    Published on September 27, 2013

    PFP Tax News

    News The AICPA PFP Division works with the AICPA Congressional Affairs Team to ensure that issues impacting CPA financial planners are monitored and acted upon as needed.
    Published on April 07, 2014

    Implementing Section 7216

    Article IRS regulations on the unauthorized disclosure or use of tax return information went into effect on January 1, 2009. For purposes of the revised section 7216 regulations, CPAs should understand that, in general, they will not need to obtain written cons
    Published on January 28, 2011

    Advanced College Education Planning Strategies for High Income Families to Reduce the Cost of College When They No Longe...

    Webcast In this web seminar, Deborah Fox shares how college education planning can save families thousands of dollars.
    Published on January 28, 2011

    Roth IRA Conversions - The Critical Issues Advice from Americas Leading Experts

    Webcast This web seminar covers a number of Roth conversion topics, including who should convert, recharacterizations, asset protection concerns, and others.
    Published on January 28, 2011

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